Valeri homes planning new Chedoke brow lands development

30 Jul Valeri homes planning new Chedoke brow lands development

Valery homes planning new Chedoke brow land development

The Chedoke brow lands could be getting a new housing development that is bigger than the Hamilton mountain has ever seen.

Valery Homes submitted preliminary information to the city’s planning department in February that shows plans to build 9 condo buildings with 764 units ranging from four to 12 storeys tall, as well as 110 townhouses stretching over 24 acres of land.

The Long and Bisby building would be torn down to make space for one of the buildings and Sanatorium Road would be replaced by a private driveway. A row of townhouses is planned to be built along Scenic Drive with more units along the west side of the development.

The city will still have to approve this initiative of course, but not before Valery Homes includes a four-season environmental impact study, a tree management plan, a traffic impact study, a cultural impact assessment and a draft subdivision plan.

Vice President of Valery Homes/Valery properties, Paul Valeri, says it’s too early to say when a final submission will be given to city planners.

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